Facial threading is a unique process of shaping eyebrows and/or removing facial hair. It’s a technique of trapping unwanted hair into the thread and pulling it out in the same direction by its root. Eyebrow threading does not hurt like plucking, is non-invasive, and the results last for up to four weeks.


This art form originated in India over 6000 years ago and has mainstreamed its way to the United States. It involves twisting thread into a double strand creating a very precise line-by-line removal of facial hair. Facial threading is a great alternative from using harmful products and it is a natural technique.


Eyebrow tinting is a service that enhances the color, shape, and thickness of one’s natural eyebrows. This technique is non-invasive and uses a semi-permanent, semi-waterproof vegetable dye. Eyebrow tinting does not take away any hair and the results are immediate!


Facial waxing offers a strip and warm wax technique, which is applied to the hair and then pulled off to remove it from its root. This is a great alternative to shaving because hair is removed from its follicle directly; creating less in grown hairs, cuts, and scars. It also leaves your face feeling much smoother.


Common side effects of waxing include stinging, redness, and mild irritation. Certain skin conditions and prescription medications should be consulted with your physician prior to beginning waxing treatment. Facial waxing is a quick procedure that causes hair to grow back at a slower rate.


Eyelash extensions are designed to help give your natural eyelashes more depth, length, and volume. It is a luxurious process that is customizable to each individual’s taste and liking. Eyelash extensions range from 9-15mm in length and last for up to three weeks. A professional should remove eyelash extensions in order to avoid any permanent damage. Eyelash extensions are easy and painless if done properly and by a trained professional. Eyelash extensions are also safe to use with makeup products and contact lens users. Now you can avoid messy mascara clumps and smudges!


Luxe Lash Bar also offers eyelash clusters, eyelash strips, and a brow and lash tinting combination!


Henna tattoos involve the use of a specific dye from the plant known as the Lawsonia Inermis. This art form was created in India and Egypt several centuries ago and is a temporary tattoo. These tattoos are used to distinguish your personality and are fun to have for celebrations such as prom, engagement parties, birthday parties, graduations, baby showers, etc. An expert who develops very detailed and beautiful designs applies the henna dye to specific body parts such as the hands, feet, arms, legs, back, and more.  Feel free to contact us for more information regarding bookings for your very own, unique henna party!